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- DF Helicopters is located in Ovada (Alessandria - Piedmont) in a 1800 m2 plant where there are the Projecting, the Research and Development, the prototype and the production departments.
- This organizational choice favours the communication of ideas among all of the industrial divisions.
- Both the projecting department and the production department can rely on a feedback which is guaranteed by the test programmes carried out during the last three years of development in the flying area next to the plant.

- DF Helicopters activities are run by an Italo-German Management led by Adelbert Frommer.
- In 2001 the Bavarian Manager has started the industrial programme which has enabled the company to realize the prototypes of the new 334 GP version and a sample of 15 aircrafts.
- The production programme for 2004 forecasts the production of 50 units.


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